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Learn all the techniques used in the creation of this beaded brooch in our free bead embroidery tutorial, then use those techniques in any bead embroidery project! The overall course, hosted on the Beads East YouTube channel, is about forty minutes long in three separate sections:

We suggest watching the sections in that order; it’s very helpful to watch all three before you begin the actual project. You’ll learn to bezel a rivoli, a triangle, and a flat-backed round stone in section 1, along with a general discussion of materials and tools. Section 2 teaches you how to add decorative embellishments around the bezeled stones and as part of the design itself. In section 3, you’ll learn how to add a leather or Ultrasuede backing, trim the edges, and add findings.

You can use your own materials of the same size and shape, but for your convenience, if you want to actively participate, a complete companion kit for the Class Act course (with all necessary materials, including printed follow-along directions, low price) is available in our Etsy store.

A separate follow-along direction set (without materials, small fee) for this course is available for instant download in our Etsy store.

Available to anyone: individuals, bead stores, teachers, free of charge, anytime.

Class Act Bead Embroidery three-part online free class