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Beads East was founded in 2003 by Ann Benson Frost and husband Gary Frost. Right from the start, it’s been a family business. Our focus has always been on seed beads and the many different techniques in which they can be used; our design portfolio is comprised almost entirely of “needled” beading such as bead embroidery, beaded needlepoint, bead crochet, and the various forms of bead needle weaving. At one time (before Ann and Gary got old and decided to retire) Beads East featured the most comprehensive collection of seed beads on Earth.

Currently Beads East does not have a bricks and mortar retail location; our products and tutorials are completely online. Links to locations where our products can be purchased are on our home page.

Ann continues to develop new design, and, as time permits, to post new free tutorial material on the Beads East YouTube channel.

Ann is currently working on a fifth novel, with the working title “Ambrosia.” Her Plague Trilogy, comprised of the titles The Plague Tales, The Burning Road, and The Physician’s Tale, are all available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions, as is her standalone novel Thief of Souls. All are published by the Delacorte Press imprint of Random House.