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Our designs and tutorials for beading are world-renowned for their quality. Designs feature beautiful materials and excellent, thorough directions. Everything is included. Our tutorials feature high-quality graphics, animations and video. Narration is clear and concise. On this page, the links will take you to our own videos for each technique. You’ll also find links to our ETSY site, where our collection of hundreds of instant download patterns is hosted. And you’ll find links to our ARTFIRE site, where our active kits and kits about to be retired can be found.
Designs, tuorials for beading with cabochons
Designs, tutorials for tubular bead crochet
Bead Crochet Basics

An overview of bead crochet including tapestry bead crochet and chain stitch

Bezeling triangles

How to encase a triangular stone or cabochon in a bezel of seed beads

Two-minute bead embroidery

Quick overview and introduction to bead embroidery techniques