Ann Benson/Beads East beading kits/patterns

Ann Benson/Beads East beading kits/patterns
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Free Beading Video Tutorials on Ann Benson/Beads East YouTube Channel

Our free video tutorials and classes are the best on the web for bead crochet, bead embroidery, peyote stitch, off-loom weaving, embroidery, crochet, finishing, right angle weave, cabochon bezel, and so much more! We support our designs with a full array of video help.
Black Beauty Cabochon Bezel Bracelet Kit by Ann Benson
Black Beauty Cabochon Bezel Necklace Kit by Ann Benson
Bombshell Purse, Kits and Download Pattern

Thank you for choosing Ann Benson/Beads East beading designs. We pride ourselves on writing the best beading directions available. Our directions and tutorials include liberal graphics, photos, charts, and clear text, taking you step by step from opening the package to wearing the finished piece. Ann Benson has been designing beading patterns and projects for nearly fifty years and is still going strong with new work on a regular basis. She also designs crochet and needlework. A favorite of hers is needlepoint. Ann is the author of four novels published by Delacorte Press and Random House.